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"The science and focus on fear and aggression in dog training won't create peace.

Only the study of peace will create peace."


What if the divine feminine in us felt safe to express herself through our training?

How would that change our inner world and the outer world?

Why is intuition in dog training so important?
Do you want to learn how to train from the heart? Then keep reading :)

This podcast explores the life of a dog trainer exploring mindfulness in dog training, the esoteric and quantum physics in healing modalities and the results she and others are getting adding them into their training. Rhonda's hope is to find other dog trainers, communicators and healers, unknown in the field of dog training, and talk to them about what holistic therapies and training they are implementing with great success.

Rhonda explores alternatives to traditional or science based dog training and instead focuses on training that prioritize the dog's emotions, their heart and the dog's soul and purpose. Come along as we venture into the realm of energy work like trauma release techniques, meditation, reiki, flower essences, animal communication, and vibrational frequency therapy.
Plus, we focus on how incredibly sensitive the dog is to the human's emotions. We explore the benefits of focusing on the human side of the relationship. You'll learn just how powerful supporting the human in helping them overcome their trauma can be! Your clients will have even more success in dog training when you support them and teach them how they share emotions with their dog. Listen to the podcast here. 
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