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Podcast #14 - Letting Animals Lead the Way to Healing with Kathleen Prasad

Hello and Welcome!

Date: August 3rd, 2023

Host: Rhonda Bilodeau

Guest: Kathleen Prasad

Today on the Divine Feminine Dog Trainer Podcast I have Kathleen Prasad. Kathleen Prasad has been pioneering the field of Animal Reiki for over 22 years. She believes dogs are the ones that have the PhD in healing their own bodies and how adding in reiki can allow the dog to choose and lead their own way to healing.  All animals are healers and teachers so why not they lead their own way to healing.

I love this podcast because it helps listeners understand what the difference is between reiki for humans vs reiki for animals. I love when Kathleen talks about what it means to be Reiki and different ways to offer reiki to your animals.  Pus, how offering too much reiki for animals can feel demanding and overwhelming for them. Rather we can learn to see the perfection in the animal and not judging them for what's wrong with them while offering the love, light, peace through reiki. It's so important to accept our animals where they are on their own healing process. 

Reiki is a great place to explore alternative healing modalities for dog trainers and to expand upon your animal communication skills. There's a great chat on how reiki can enhance a dog trainer or animal communicator's skill set in the podcast you won't want to miss.  

Kathleen has taught thousands of animal lovers this sacred healing art, written multiple books on the subject, authored the Code of Ethics for the profession and has created the world’s first and only nonprofit called Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) dedicated to bringing the peaceful power of the Let Animals Lead® method to rescued animals and their caregivers around the world. Kathleen is a California girl, wife and mother to a teenager, dog and a horse.

Kathleen believes we need more people devoting themselves to helping animals heal. Kathleen explains what it means to let animals lead the way to healing and how her association SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association S.A.R.A.) helps as many animals at the shelter enjoy her Let Animals Lead method.


Learn the 6 pillars of the let animals lead method and while you're at it Kathleen's offering our listeners a 3 day animal reiki challenge to introduce you to reiki and what Kathleen does. You can find it here.

Listen to the Podcast here or by listening below:

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Step 1: Find an audio program like Voice Memos (iPhones) or Sound Recorder (Android) on your phone.

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Step 3: Take that audio recording and email it Please note, by leaving a recording you are allowing Rhonda to share your story on her Podcast, The Divine Feminine Dog Trainer.

❤️ Thank you for sharing your story and helping the world better understand other alternatives to dog healing! ❤️

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