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About Rhonda

Hi, I'm Rhonda. I've been training dogs since 2008 and ever since have been searching for the answers to truly help our best friends learn to overcome any behavioral issues. I believe it's all being revealed to me in the unlikeliest of places, through spiritual healing, animal communication, energy work and the present moment.

In 2021 I was called to drop everything I was doing and shift my focus on how the divine feminine can help dog parents, dog lovers and the field of dog training. So, I came up with the idea for a podcast about the divine feminine called The Divine Feminine Dog Trainer Podcast. It explores how embracing the divine feminine energy can help create a deep spiritual healing in us and our dogs. In 2022 I moved to Costa Rica and started the podcast there.

I believe my mission this lifetime is to awaken and help restore the divine feminine on the planet alongside our dogs. This awakening of the divine feminine will bring us closer to our true nature and bring so much healing, joy and love to the planet. Together we're helping to educate others on a more harmonious and connected way to train, live and be with dogs. Our ultimate goal is to bring humans back home to themselves.

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I am a professional dog trainer, mentor to other dog trainers, animal communicator, certified as an NLP Life Coach & Hypnotist, Timeline Trauma-Release Specialist, Emotion Code Practitioner, Level 1 Reiki Practitioner, a Trust Technique Practitioner in training which teaches clients to listen to their animals and help them find peace through the present moment. I'm studying to learn more about the shaman lineage and their healing practices through the Q'ero's of Peru and the Jaguar Path (fun note we're all shamans! and it's all about learning to let your inner shaman out). I've been in the field of dog training since 2008 and hold dog training certifications. I focus much of my dog training on relaxation and mindset for both dog and human. If there's one thing I've learned in dog training, it's that less is more. I want to share with you how listening to your dog, learning their wisdom and feeling their guidance are the keys to your happiness together.

Reach out if you have any questions :) 

In gratitude,

🙏🏽 Rhonda

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