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Podcast #13 - Giving Dogs a Job & the 5 Pillars of Peace for Happy Pets
with Kara Udziela

Hello and Welcome!

Date: July  9th, 2023

Host: Rhonda Bilodeau

Guest: Kara Udziela

Kara Udziela is an animal communicator, energy alchemist, medical intuitive, and spiritual teacher with over a decade of experience in transforming the lives of thousands of companion animals whose animal guardians carry struggles such as: anxiety, aggression, chronic illness, or the midwifing of death. 

Today Kara talks about how giving dogs appropriate jobs can help to calm them down and give them a more aligned job as many people give their dogs jobs (knowingly or unknowingly) that negatively impact their training and well being. She believes too many people give their dogs jobs of being their protectors and healers and what kind of impact that could have on a dog's energy.  She shares better jobs for our dogs like  help mate or soul mate. You'll have to listen to learn other incredible jobs you can give your dog!

I love how Kara shares with us how she helps dog trainers expand their tool box through partnering up with her so she can support the client and dog through animal communication and healing modalities life EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or through teaching them healing modalities and animal communication to directly help their own clients.  What an incredible world this would be if dog trainers added these tools to their tool box!

Kara shares her 5 Pillars of Peace for Happy Pets that have helped her client's dogs learn to live happier, more relaxed lives with their people. These pillars are: Purpose, Environment, Assertion - training, Communication and Energy work and body work.

Kara owns Pet’s Eye View and provides individual sessions and group courses to deepen your spiritual connections with your companion animals and teach you to listen to your own inner wisdom and the natural world. 

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The goal is to spread the word of others like you, helping their dogs through mindful training techniques that get to the root cause of their dog's behavioral problems. 

Please share your story, success, testimonial or epiphany about the techniques you learned on the podcast and how they're impacting your life with your dog by recording your story through an audio. We will then share your story on the podcast! You will be making a difference in other dogs and dog lover's lives!


Step 1: Find an audio program like Voice Memos (iPhones) or Sound Recorder (Android) on your phone.

Step 2: Record your story! Leave your name, dog/s name/s, where you're from, issue and explain what you changed or technique you used and how it changed yours and your dog's life!


Step 3: Take that audio recording and email it Please note, by leaving a recording you are allowing Rhonda to share your story on her Podcast, The Divine Feminine Dog Trainer.

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