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Healy ~ Frequency Medicine

*I love my Healy and so do my dogs :) By using the link above you support me and my Podcast! Thank you!
* We highly recommend the Resonance Model as it also has the Analyze Scanner app to see what programs you need

Hello and Welcome to the wonderful world of Healy for you and your pets!

What is Healy and frequency medicine ?

A frequency is a rate that an electronic pulse or sound wave is produced. A frequency-specific microcurrent, also known as F.S.M.T. (Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy), consists of introducing a very gentle current (electric) sent to the area of damaged tissue to accelerate the healing process underway in that same tissue. Frequency medicine is a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, and surgery-free therapy beginning to revolutionize healing.

Using a smartphone-controlled medical device that is portable and wearable, the Healy Pink App in the Gold and Holistic models sends low energy electromagnetic frequency within the body. The device uses electromagnetic waves to alleviate severe pain and is cost-effective and easy to monitor with the app. The Healy Blue Analyze App in the Resonance and Professional 
sends vibration through the bio energetic field rather than through the cells. The biggest difference between the models is the Analyze App (found in the Resonance and Professional) that allows Healy to scan your energy field for the best programs to run.



Here's a short writeup about the Healy

About Frequency Medicine in 12 min


What's the difference between Healy Models? 





After You Purchase & Getting Started!

Step 1 - Check your Email: You will receive an email from Healy company. Healy has great customer service and we have a wonderful team to get you started. There is a curve to learning Healy for sure! But first please do your due diligence and follow instructions carefully and watch these videos for clarity!

Step 2 - Join the Healy Academy: Join the Healy Academy to get started! Here you'll find step by step video instructions on how to get started. You can also get started by watching this video on YouTube.  

Step 3 - Getting Started with the Gold Pure Programs and the Wrist Bands on the Pink App:

First 5 days:  Start your Healy journey with the wrist bands using the pink application. Use theGold Pure program ONLY for 1 week and only once a day.  
First 5 -10 days:  You can now start using your wrist bands twice a day to run 2 Gold Programs or your coil (separate purchase). Use your intuition or detox symptoms (grogginess, sickness) to guide you. If you're feeling detox symptoms it means you should continue with that application until you no longer feel symptoms.

Next 10-15 days: You can run 2 Gold Programs and a program of choice. Make sure to use your wristbands at least once a day but no more than three times a day. Coherence is a great one to run as it helps to align your heart and heart bring us to a state of coherence. Run programs in the morning, midday and evening. Space them out.

Avoiding Detoxing or Processing Symptoms: You want to avoid processing symptoms because it helps to make sure the micro currents are working well. Make sure to drink plenty of clean water, ideally structured, with sea salt, a few drops of lemon, keep moving throughout the day and ground yourself to the earth, get out in nature. These will all help you maximize your Healy sessions and avoid symptoms.

Healy Settings: More is not better. Start low on 30-40%. When using the wrist bands.

White, Gray or Black circle when using Wristbands?: When a program is being run you will see a circular line of progress. This line will be white when you have good contact going from the Healy to your cells and it will run black when the connection is poor. When using Pain Programs they run gray and will not run white. The best way to get connection is to increase the percentage until the line turns white, drink water to hydrate or moisten the skin where the wrist straps are touching.

After 15 days: You can start running Deep Cycle Programs. 

Step 4 - Using your Healy Resonance or Professional with the Blue App Analyze Programs

After 30 Days: You can start running the Blue App allows you to run a scan on your body for the most important programs to run based off of your intention, statement or affirmation. It use frequency vibration through the bioenergetic field to support you. The Back Flower Remedies, Australian Back Flower Remedies, Alaskan Gems are a great place to start! Plus, the aura scan!

Healy Settings: Start on a low setting on the Healy (about 5-40%)
Scanning and Setting an Intention: Use the Resonance Blue App Analysis Scan or Aura Analysis Scan to learn which programs would be best for you to run. Muscle test or use your intuition to see how long you should run the programs.

During the Scan: Make sure to set a direct intention, say a statement, set an affirmation, call in guides for support, hold a lot of love and appreciation for the animal and the process during the scan. Your analysis will show up and you are now ready to start the Healy and place it anywhere on you without the wrist bands

Other Products: The Coil works by sending information to the cells and can be used in addition to the wrist bands and vibration setting on the blue app. The MagHealy works to send vibrational frequency to a large area in the home up to 15 feet. Ear Electrodes work well for pain programs. 

Step 5 - Getting Started with Your Animals and Which Program to Use?:

Blue App / HealyAdvisor Analysis App:
Running the Blue App allows you to run a scan on the animal and use frequency vibration through the bioenergetic field to support them through a set of intentions, statements and affirmations that are broadcast into the Information field of the animal.

To Start: t's easier to run the Healy through vibrational frequency to support the animal in the blue app. This is why it's highly suggested to get a coil for your dog if you struggle to put the wrist bands on them. 

Settings: Start on a low setting on the Healy (about 5-10%). Always watch your animal's reaction to see if the setting is too high. If the animal loves the experience by relaxing into the session consider increasing the duration and possibly the setting to a higher setting next time. A general rule of thumb is to never go above 50% on an animal when using the blue app.
Attaching the Healy: Never attach the Healy to the animal until they LOVE their Healy sessions.
Programs: Use the Blue App (HealyAdvisor Analysis) to let the Healy choose the programs for your animal. Use the Resonance Blue App Analysis Scan or Aura Analysis Scan.
Intention Setting: During the Scan: Make sure to set a direct intention, say a statement, set an affirmation, call in guides for support, hold a lot of love and appreciation for the animal and the process during the scan. 
Application: Your analysis will show up and you are now ready to start the Healy and place it under the dog, barely touching them.  Always allow the animal to get up and walk away from it if they choose to. Start with short sessions of 5-10 minutes and gradually increase when you feel the animal would benefit. 
Following your Gut: Your intuition is extremely important during this 
process. You can use gut instincts, hunches, ask your inner knowing or muscle test to see how high the setting should be and for how long you should run the Healy. 

Distant HealingYou can run the HealAdvisor Analysis Application for animals distantly for distant healing.

Length: start with short 5-10 min sessions and build up to longer periods of time.

Pink App:
Running the Pink App allows you to use wrist electrodes or a coil to run and deliver a micro current program to your animal. This poses a risk since some animals may be fearful of unknown objects on them or may become spooked by the sensation of the Healy.  Wrist bands will be more impactful than the coil but the coil is second best if you feel like your animal may be afraid wristbands wrapping around them. There is no analysis with the Pink Application. You can run the Pink App on the dog if you wrap the wristbands around their body (legs preferred). The coil will only be good for programs that have the three squiggly dots over them. When using the coil and wrist bands, micro current is being run through the dog's cell membranes.  Benefits are: increased ATP production, protein synthesis and the increase in the voltage potential across the cell membrane - those three benefits are from the micro current alone. 

First Steps

1. Choose a program through muscle testing, intuition or inner guidance that you believe is best for your dog.

2. Run the program on a low setting 5-10%. 

3. The program will most likely run in black or gray because of the inability to get a good connection (this is normal for most dogs because of their fur).

4. To increase connectivity increase the setting, wet the dog's fur lightly and hydrate them. 

5. If at any point the animal looks uncomfortable take off the Healy and wrist bands.

6. Always be supervising your dog incase they need support.


Support Groups: 


Boards App:
Download the Boards App: Apple Users or Android Users
Then click this link:

Facebook Group


Still Need Help?: 

Make sure to update your Healy often through your settings in the Apps. If you have any questions after going through the Healy Academy videos and using the Boards for Troubleshooting please reach out to me  

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