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The Healing Wisdom From Your Dog Online Course

The Healing Wisdom From Your Dog 6 week online course is all about understanding yourself better through your dog's unwanted behavior. What if dog training was less about what we could teach our dogs and more about what we could learn about ourselves through our dogs? What if loving the parts of yourself you struggle to accept was the key to truly resolving your unhappiness about your dog? This course is a training & exploration of;

  • the root cause of your dog's behaviors

  • my best human training practices for your dog

  • ​how our dogs are our mirrors to the parts of us we struggle to love

  • & powerful shamanic techniques for both you and your dog on your dog training adventure 


With our animals as our guide, you'll gain the wisdom of...

  • setting yourself and others free through a shamanic cord cutting ceremony to release negative energetic attachment cords so that you can have healthier relationships with others

  • seeing how your energy, emotions, thoughts and beliefs have a huge influence on how others behave around you (especially your dog) through our S.E.E. Method so you can be the co-creator of your life

  • ​changing your belief process from a limiting one to a powerful one through NLP to rewire your brain so you can more easily achieve your goals in training and in your life

  • how to release trauma from the body from both you and your dog

  • setting strong boundaries with your dog and others for an incredibly pleasurable and joyful life. Gain back your agency to say and do what you want

  • learning who you truly are, your authentic self underneath all the 'programming' through Mirror Work

  • why your dog is in your life, how to truly feel free in all situations and the key to happiness 

Part of our Proceeds go to Rescue Organizations! 

Our goal is to create more educated, compassionate and wise Dog Parents so less dogs are returned to the shelter. You can help us by sharing this page with your local rescue!

Coming Soon!

More of Our Online Courses...

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Module 1-3.png

Happy Rescue Dogs is an online dog training course for fearful, anxious, reactive or hyperactive dogs. This course uses dog training techniques that mimic yoga, meditation, positive affirmations, mindfulness training and Neuro Linguistic Programming. It's especially great for rescue dogs who have been through a lot of trauma and where traditional obedience training hasn't worked but is also great for any dog with any misbehavior. Taught by Professional Dog Trainer, Rhonda Bilodeau. Learn more here.


My Dog Camp is an online course that gives you the education, structure, confidence and community you need to start a healthy, active & financially independent life for yourself hiking & training dogs for a living! In our 6 Week Online Course you'll learn how to Hike & Train Dogs as a Profitable Career! This course is taught by Professional Dog Trainer, Rhonda Bilodeau. Learn more here.


S.A.F.E. School For Dogs is an online dog training course that teaches aspiring, beginner or seasoned dog trainers how to build a dog school designed for dogs that need more support than what a traditional dog daycare can provide. We focus on teaching our S.A.F.E. Principles; Safe Socialization, Advanced Obedience, Friendship Building and Emotional Maturity. This course was created by Professional Dog Trainer, Rhonda Bilodeau and is taught by Professional Dog Trainer, Jess Gorham. Learn more here.

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