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Podcast #2 - Inner Child Work and Big Feelings with Rachel Ribis

Hello and Welcome!

Date: February 20th, 2023

Topic:  Big Feelings and Inner child Work with Rachel Ribis

Host: Rhonda Bilodeau

Guest: Rachel Ribis


Rachel Ribis is a reiki practitioner in Burlington VT specializing in inner child work. Rachel shares her childhood growing up as a highly sensitive person and what it was like trying to fix others around her without having an off button. Rachel shares how her anger taught her how to have better boundaries, to only help when asked and why embodiment work like breath work, inner child work and reiki truly helped her become more present. This present state allowed her to be in her body and access all the wisdom held in her body.  She now sees her sensitivity as a gift and uses this gift (along with her clairvoyant ability) to help others on the reiki table work through trauma. 

Together we draw parallels to between Rachel's experience as a highly sensitive person and highly sensitive dogs who are most likely to come in for training. We focus on coping strategies for people and dogs in fight or flight and how to better channel this sensitivity to help others. 

Learn why Rhonda's first focus isn't on obedience but instead decompression, putting dogs in situations they're ready for to stay under threshold where they can learn to change their emotions and getting the dog back in their body feeling safe again while giving them strategies to help down regulate their emotional state. 

There's a big emphasis on allowing others their spiritual and dog training path and process. We're all on the road to healing, love and happiness but we all get there different ways and to learn to find the beautify in all different paths. 

You'll get an introduction of what the trust technique is and how dogs are our mirror picking up our beliefs, emotions and stories we tell ourselves from our narrator and reflect it back to us. You'll learn how quieting the narrator inside our head and lowering our thinking state to a more peaceful state can impact our dogs emotional state immediately and surprisingly! Rachel gives you glimpse into the world of inner child work and when you listen to your body, you have all the answers you need within you.

Lastly, a little on Rhonda's divine path on how she is a recovering people pleaser and why staying out of Facebook groups to find her true calling allowed her to really blossom and learn what her truth was.

We hope you enjoy the podcast! If you like it please comment and leave a 5 star review! It will help get this podcast out to more people and help more dogs!

You can find Rachel Ribis here to set up an amazing reiki and inner child work session with her. She also does amazing zoom sessions!

Listen to the Podcast here or by listening below:

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The goal is to spread the word of others like you, helping their dogs through mindful training techniques that get to the root cause of their dog's behavioral problems. 

Please share your story, success, testimonial or epiphany about the techniques you learned on the podcast and how they're impacting your life with your dog by recording your story through an audio. We will then share your story on the podcast! You will be making a difference in other dogs and dog lover's lives!


Step 1: Find an audio program like Voice Memos (iPhones) or Sound Recorder (Android) on your phone.

Step 2: Record your story! Leave your name, dog/s name/s, where you're from, issue and explain what you changed or technique you used and how it changed yours and your dog's life!


Step 3: Take that audio recording and email it Please note, by leaving a recording you are allowing Rhonda to share your story on her Podcast, The Divine Feminine Dog Trainer.

❤️ Thank you for sharing your story and helping the world better understand other alternatives to dog healing! ❤️

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