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Podcast #6 - Animal Communication for Difficult Transitions in a Dog's Life with Karen Thomas

Hello and Welcome!

Date: March 30th, 2023

Host: Rhonda Bilodeau

Guest:  Karen Thomas

On this episode of the Divine Feminine Dog Trainer Podcast Rhonda interviews Karen Thomas of Paytons Promise Sanctuary in the Florida Keys. Karen is an animal communicator, natural healer and registered nurse for over 25 years. 

Karen offers solutions to health issues, behavior issues, stress, anxiety, and end of life transitions for dogs. She treats these dogs with various energy healing modalities. Karen is passionate about helping to heal animals in shelters, sanctuaries, and rescue organizations.​ 

In this episode we talk about how powerful animal communication is to help dogs during difficult transitions like going to the vet, being re-homed, coming out of the shelter, going into the shelter and crossing over the rainbow bridge amongst many other transitions. Karen talks about what these conversations and transitions can look like and how to honor the dog and their experience through these transitions. 

Karen shares how she loves giving newly surrendered dogs baths at the shelter because it offers her a chance to talk to the animal, get her hands on them to offer love and support, explain how their soul contract was up, encourage them to move forward onto this next adventure and explain to them they've done a good job. Karen does reiki with the animals during this grooming as well as uses essential oil, pressure point work, and sound healing to help aid in the dog's healing process. Karen also has brought dogs on their 'best day ever' before their euthanasia and her stories are sure to make you rethink euthanasia at the shelter.

We talk about how everyone has this intuitive gift of communicating with animals and what that may look like for each person. How important trusting in the process is when practicing animal communication and even tips for communicating with your animals.

In addition to establishing Payton’s Promise Sanctuary, Karen is also a Best Selling Author, Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, and Intuitive Healer. She graduated from Communication with all Life University, where she fine-tuned her skills in animal communication and energy medicine. Karen lives in South Florida with the loves of her life, her dogs. 


You can learn more about Karen Thomas and her rescue at


You can listen below or by clicking the link here :) We're also on Spotify and iTunes.


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