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Podcast #8 - Using Animal Communication & the Emotion Code
in Dog Training with Jess Gorham

Hello and Welcome!

Date: May 1st, 2023

Host: Rhonda Bilodeau

Guest:  Jess Gorham

On this episode of The Divine Feminine Dog Trainer Podcast I interview Jess Gorham of a Dog's Trail. We talk abut how she used Animal Communication & The Emotion Code to help with her dog's behaviors that she'd been stuck on for so long without any change until she started communicating with him more and releasing trapped emotions.

How would you behave and respond differently if you knew what emotion was driving your dog's unwanted behavior and where this emotion came from? Jess talks about getting all this new information and how it dramatically impacted the way she viewed her dog and her dog training making her a more compassionate dog mom and trainer. 

You'll learn how we used animal communication to shift her perspective and her dog's behavior as well as the Emotion Code to help assist her dog in feeling better about the world. 

You can learn more about Jess Gorham at or reach out to Rhonda to set up an Animal Communication & Emotion Code Session with her


✨ We encourage you to practice the techniques and then share your results with us so we can share with our community! ✨

How can you inspire others? Learn below....

The goal is to spread the word of others like you, helping their dogs through mindful training techniques that get to the root cause of their dog's behavioral problems. 

Please share your story, success, testimonial or epiphany about the techniques you learned on the podcast and how they're impacting your life with your dog by recording your story through an audio. We will then share your story on the podcast! You will be making a difference in other dogs and dog lover's lives!


Step 1: Find an audio program like Voice Memos (iPhones) or Sound Recorder (Android) on your phone.

Step 2: Record your story! Leave your name, dog/s name/s, where you're from, issue and explain what you changed or technique you used and how it changed yours and your dog's life!


Step 3: Take that audio recording and email it Please note, by leaving a recording you are allowing Rhonda to share your story on her Podcast, The Divine Feminine Dog Trainer.

❤️ Thank you for sharing your story and helping the world better understand other alternatives to dog healing! ❤️

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