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Animal Communication & Emotion Code Sessions

"always expect a miracle"

Animal Communication and Emotion Code Sessions are great for people who:

  • have tried dog training and haven't gotten to their desired results

  • want to get to the bottom of their dog's behavioral issue 

  • believe their dog's behavior is caused by trauma in their life

  • would like to help their animals out on a soul level

  • would like to provide their dog with more emotional support

  • believe or are open to the possibility that humans can communicate with animals and that we can support our animal in releasing trapped emotions (your doubts can block the healing!)

All Sessions include:

  • An Animal Communication Session

  • Clearings of Trapped Emotions through the Emotion Code

  • A phone consultation that lasts anywhere between 20 min to 40 min 

  • A follow up email with

    • specifics on what to talk to your animal about related to their session

    • recap of the session and what emotions were released


  • $60 paid via Venmo or PayPal prior to the phone call

The Emotion Code System:

Rhonda is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. The Emotion Code is a healing method created by Dr. Bradley Nelson that taps into the subconscious mind to detect and then assist in releasing trapped emotions that are the cause of panic attacks, anxiety, stress, fear, phobias, reactivity, negative thoughts, aggression, disturbing patterns of behavior, limiting beliefs and hyper-arousal. Emotions become trapped when we don't properly release a traumatic event or any event where we felt overwhelmed and out of control. Once released, the body knows how to heal itself! The parts of the body the trapped emotion was affecting come back into balance. Humans benefit from releasing trapped emotions too! Sometimes it's essential that the dog's human also works on their emotional state in order for the dog to improve since dogs can directly mirror the human's unconscious desires and feelings.

How Many Sessions You'll Need:

Sometimes it's as easy as 1 session to remove the trapped emotions holding your dog back in life. Sometimes it's like peeling an onion and you have multiple layers upon layers of trapped emotions contributing to your dog's fear, anxiety, stress, hyperactivity, reactivity or aggression. In this case you may need more than 1 session and up to 15 sessions to really peel back the layers of a bigger behavioral issue like separation anxiety.  


How Communication Works between Humans & Animals:

Everyone can communicate with animals. Telepathy is real and has been used for thousands of years. Telepathy is a muscle you need to practice and flex in order to get good at. Everyone receives information differently. I receive information through visuals. I often see what the dogs are saying and  communicating through visual pictures. 


These testimonials are from both humans and dogs! 


A German Shorthaired Pointer that was no longer running around at dog camp with her friends and instead was glued to her pack leader. After 4 weeks of this her mom reached out to me. After 1 Animal Communication & 4 trapped emotions released through the Emotion Code together, Alma was running off-lead again with her pack the next time she went out!

Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 8.26.35 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 8.26.54 AM.png


A Boxer who was no longer going to bed with his mom. This behavior persisted for 4 months even after trying dog training. We had 1 session that included Animal Communication & 1 trapped emotion release with the Emotion Code and he started sleeping in the bed again!

Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 9.03.28 AM.png


An Australian Cattle dog with severe reactivity outside was able to lay down outside without reacting after 2 Emotion Code Sessions where we released multiple trapped emotions and cut cords with his last owner.



A mixed dog from St. Croix who had some noise reactivity around the house.



An Australian Cattle dog with hyperactivity that was having a very. hard time relaxing around the house. After a couple Emotion Code sessions and releasing trapped emotions she was able to feel more relaxed around the house!


I Work With Humans too :)



Rachel had a bad back that was in pain after picking up some kids at a baby shower. The baby shower brought up a lot of big feelings that caused her back injury. We released 8 trapped emotions and instantly her pain went almost fully away. Your body can heal itself if you can clear these trapped emotions. The next day her body had fully healed itself!

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Learn More About the Emotion Code Below!

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